Triple H Therapy is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charity dedicated to providing support, compassion and therapeutic services for special needs children and their families. Our story began in 2015 with the special tale of a young girl named Madeline. Portraying the affects of lead poisoning, symptoms of autism, emotional turmoil and a noticeable speech delay, her family sought additional therapy for her outside of the medical community when she stopped progressing developmentally. On her 4th birthday, she was surrounded by a variety of small animals. She immediately called them, “friends,” and sought to spend all of her time playing and caring for the animals. Her eyes sparkled, her smile widened, and she was motivated. It was the first time Madeline expressed a true interest and desire of her own. Animals. Her difficulty speaking was replaced with the need to express enthusiasm. Empowered enthusiasm driven by the love and happiness experienced when touching and hugging small animals and riding horses. Even without words, her happiness spoke through her actions and the animals mimicked her love in return. Madeline began word association and ABA strategies through the caring of her animal friends.


After 2 months, she began talking in short phrases and ventured towards making conversation with strangers. Her confidence rose, anxiety decreased and she began to perform in school. Now at the age of 6, Madeline has found superhero strength and resiliency from farm life and the friendships she has formed with animals. As my daughter, I can honestly say that animals saved Madeline. It pulled her into the world and she was truly present with me for the first time since she started exhibiting symptoms of lead poisoning. However, her journey isn’t over. Observing Madeline’s experience created the desire to form a charity offering similar services and opportunities for all special needs children and their families.


So what is our mission at Triple H Therapy? If you have a special needs child, grandchild or sibling, then we understand your joys, your struggles, your need for a community who wants to help, befriend, and celebrate your child and family. We are celebrating the special moments and joyous triumphs of having a wonderful child who is differently abled.

Located at Magic Springs Farm, the Triple H Team is providing small animal and farm related therapy services to assist children in becoming empowered and building confidence in conjunction with other therapies, including but not limited to speech, occupational, physical and emotional therapy as well as ABA strategies. We believe each child is special and we want to celebrate them and help them find new outlets for growing and developing. We are here for the families through the creation of a compassionate community offering support groups, a helping hand, christian counseling and friendship.

Triple H Therapy is where families and children experiencing special needs find hope, healing and happiness.